Being really client-oriented can be realized by providing them the most suitable products instead of the dearest ones.
Before we developed the six bristle grades from J1 to J6,there are only two major kinds of bristles,i.e. Chungking bristle and Hankow bristle in the market.
Every client has different requirement for tops percentage. Clients may not purchase excellent products according to such general classification, or maybe clients will pay more money for the unnecessary higher tops percentage. This is not a result we would like to see.
From 2002, we began our self-research and development on the bristle products with our long traditional producing experiences of fifty years and combining requires of clients from over ten countries and districts together. Eventually we developed six grades products from Jinxiang J1 to Jinxiang J6, as to promote the renovation of bristle industry.
The Jinxiang created grade system defines bristle grades only by their different tops percentages. You may easily to find a suitable product for your application.

        The six grades bristles products from J1 to J6 are defined by strict and definite standard of tops percentage. Different grades has different tops percentage. Customers may easily find the most suitable product for their application among our products or decide by contrasting our samples with their application.
If you are not very clear about the grades of your application, you many mail your samples to us. We shall do a technological analysis on your sample and help you choose the most suitable bristle.
The all above products are different only by their tops percentages. The quality of all can meet the standard of 'good straightness and cleaned by water washing.'