In order to ensure the products quality, we carry out strict supervising and quality checking on every link from raw material to the finished product. The whole craft process is carried out in our professional production base and all processes are finished by ourselves independently in our factory from the beginning to the end. We always make sure that we could achieve perfect quality.

Every move and step in Chinese boxing can find their resources.
Every link of a perfect new-born product needs careful study and details.

【1 】Soaking

Soak the crude bristles in the tank to decompose the hog skin tissue(summer 7 days and winter 15 days).

【2】Washing-Scouring Separating

Pick up the soaked bristles from water and wash them for three times by the hair-washer. Put them in the hair-combing machine. After combing, put the bristles in the bamboo sieve in sequence. After the above treatment, the bristles shall appear its natural shine with no stink. If you put such bristles in pure water, no turbidity can be seen.


【3】Board-binding(for the first steaming)

After the bristles are combed in alignment, we shall bind them on the bamboo board or aluminum board to avoid the knotted curly hair. The bristle will be straightened and its top shall not be bared.  

【4】Board heating-drying and unbinding

We put the bristle on binding boards into the heating room for drying(36 hours), after which we shall unbind the bristles from the boards and put them into wooden boxes.  


We tie up the freed bristle with belt and string them into flat ‘cakes’. After this procedure, the bristle root and top shall be very neat and regular without drift-hair and hanging tops.


We classify the flat cakes into 18 sizes ranging from 44mm to 152mm by standard and select suitable bristle according to its length as ‘sized bristle’. The ‘sized bristle’.

【7】Bundling with rope

Bundling the ‘sized bristles’ with rope and pulling out the drift-hair and loosed hair. Straighten the hair by swing them in hands. Now the bristles bottom free of loosed hair, drift-hair, crossed hairs and declined hair.

  The above major seven processes are all the preliminary treatment on raw bristles. Today, over 90% bristle factories bristles in China do not have and ignore these seven processes in the factories. The prefer to contract them to individual farmers’ small workshops, due to the profitless of these processes.
To avoid the possibilities of quality defects caused bu the unprofessional deeds, we house all processes in our factory to ensure the quality from the very beginning to the final finished product, regardless of the possible deduction of our gains.

【8】Filling the shapers(for the second time boiling)

We put the washed bristles in different place by standard and paces if origin and then stamp them into conical aluminum shapers. Such shapers shall be marked and put into the meshed containers or poly bags.

【9】Boiling and Heating to dry

The bristles in shapers shall be divided by their size and put into big cooker for boiling. The bristles after boiling will be heated in the drying room.

【10】Unloading shapers

The boiled bristles will be unloaded from the shapers and then put into order in alignment to see if the bristles meet the requirement of straightness.


The bristles will be put into the bristles-mixing machine and mixed by suitable proportions of materials of different origins for three times. After mixing, the bristles will be in the last process for finished products. After such treatment, the color and their appearance shall be uniform and the bristles will be soft and silky. 


The bristles will be separated from foreign hairs and spread on mesh of the root-sorting machine. After root sorting, bristles will be standing mostly on their roots and put in alignment.

【13】Bristles-combing(for the bundling in paper ring)  

The root-sorted bristles shall be made thin and set neat. Such bristles shall be circled with ropes and made flat in the bottom. After repeated swinging, combing for upending roots, patting down the drift-bristles and longer bristles on the tops. Such bristles will be filled into the paper rings. After such treatment, the bristles will be erect with no swirls. Their tops are neat and you cannot find extruding bristles in the root.

【14】Combing and getting rid of the motley bristles

The bristles will be reeling combed by small crooked combs carefully without missing. The flosses on the top shall be cleared and the mostly bristles of the periphery shall be got rid of.


The bristles will be put into the reeling mill for root-milling, after which, they shall be put into the pulling machine. After such procedure, the bristles shall be put into baskets neatly.


The unqualified products will be separated out and the qualified ones will be packed in the wrapping paper and put into dry cartons.