China has been famous for abundant bristles for ages, the exportation volume of which occupies 95% in the world.

Hunan of China pillows the Yangtze River in the north, faces Guangdong Province in the south and is located at the south of Dongting Lake.

Jinshi City, located at the north gate of Hunan, is a major frontier post, which is the distributing place of staples and the famous business center of districts including frontiers of Hunan and Hubei, Dongting Lake areas and Lishui River basin.

Jinshi City has been well-known as the famous specialties distributing center for agricultural products and by-products in the history. Its bristles market has a long history and has formed the largest crude bristle market in Sichuan,Hubei and Shanxi districts, which attracts merchants from six provinces including Yunan,Guizhou,Sichuan,Shanxi,Hubei and Henan.

The vast rural area around Jinshi have developed into a primary processing region with hundreds of bristle processing work houses and lots of specialized households for purchasing and transporting of crude bristles. The crude bristle transacted turn-over every year can reach about 3 million kilograms.

The unique geographic condition of abundant resources of Jinshi City lays solid foundation for its bristle industrial  companies, which also provides opportunitiesfor Jinxiang Industrial Company to go forward from strength to strength,

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