Quality confirmation: check link after link with extreme carefulness

For new clients, we shall exchange views in details with them and then we shall choose suitable samples and mail to them according to our experiences. Clients will choose most suitable, satisfactory and economic products.
We can also analyze on the samples supplied by clients and determine the specific product types for their application.
At the same time, we shall mail the samples after finishing the whole production to confirm again the quality with our clients.

Tracking after sales: be responsible and provide timely contacting.

We shall take initiative to get the information of shipment and the arrival of goods.
We shall communicate with clients timely and advise clients the estimated arriving time. If any problems occur during transportation, we shall inform clients in time.

After services: provide tracking services and define rights and responsibilities clearly.

When our clients receive the goods, we shall inquire them about the using conditions and solicit precious ideas and suggestions which will help us provide clients the most suitable products of perfect details satisfying their specific requirement.
If clients claim on our products quality which after investigation is confirmed as our quality problems, we will ensure clients the unconditional goods-return service.